About Us

Kamal Agate Exporters is a leading name in manufacturing & Exports of all kind of agate semi precious stone. It is a family owned company and running since last three generations. We are supplier of largest range of Indian Agate Semi-precious Stone.

Our key Products

Arrowheads, Healing Wands, Gemstone Pendulums, Metal Pendulums, Massage Wands, Obelisks, Tower, Angles, Skulls, Merkaba Star, Chakra Sets, Reiki Sets, Pagan & Wiccan Sets, Geometry sets, scared Geometry sets, Crystal Points, Puffy Hearts, Pyramids, Shiva Lingums, Shiva Eyes, Spheres, Runes sets, Jap Malas, Conical Pyramid, Energy Generators, Bowls, Bracelets, Pranic Disintegrator, Worry Stones and many other customize products.

Available in Stones

Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Golden Quartz, Lapiz Lazuli, Tiger Eye,Carnelian,Labrodolite, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Blue Aventurine, Blood Stone, Moss Agate,Amazonite,Rainbow moonstone,Smokey Quartz, Snow quartz, Carnelian, Moon Stone, Sun stone, Sea Fossil, Red Jasper, Black Agate,Camel Jasper, Red Jasper,Chyrosphrase,Kynite, Banded Jasper, Garnet, Ruby Kynite, Honey Calcite, Vasonite,Amber, Dalmation Jasper, Lepidolite, blue lace agate, Howolite, Rodocrosite, Rodonite,Spinal in matrix, Ruby Fuschite, Rutilated quartz,Ruby zoisite, Citrine,pink opal, yellow opal, epidot, serpentine, tiger iron, Black Tourmaline, Black obsidian, Snow Flake Obsidian, Amber, Pyrite, Green Florid, Rainbow florid Charoite, Dumortierite, Sugilite, Chrysocolla, Aquamarine and many more.

Our exports to countries like USA,UK,Austrilia,Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, France, Japan and other countries in the Middle East.

We do have vast experience in this trade and our Company's reputation is built on quality and reliable service with excellent customer communication.

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